Katie Writes

I write detective stories and slowburn romances, seasoned with science fiction and fantasy.

James Watts, compassionate doctor in tune with everyone's emotions but his own, meets Sherlock (no last name, thank you,) a private detective with a Sherlock Holmes hyperfixation. Crimes are solved, lives are saved, and everyone in the City knows they're falling for each other, except them.
There are also cyborgs.
A sampling of my short fiction, including a series about a detective on a space station falling for the local alien priest, and a Sherlock Holmes Old West alternate universe. That one isn't a romance, but it does have zombies.

Works in Progress


Here's what I'm working on, in no particular order. Sometimes I'll post excerpts or info about them on Ko-Fi and Tumblr.


  • Watts and Sherlock Book 4

  • Julius Nix and the Unfinished Third Story

  • Old West-verse Holmes Number 3

  • Darius the Vampire


Upcoming Publication:

Short Story - "Scratch" - in the Alone on the Borderlands anthology, edited by John Linwood Grant.

Who am I?

I'm just a person that enjoys writing. I work in a bookstore and struggle not to spend half my paycheck at my workplace. About ten to fifteen years ago I read The Complete Sherlock Holmes and Neuromancer in quick succession, which inspired me to start writing short stories about a man who tries to be Sherlock Holmes in a cybernetic future, and these stories became the basis for my series, The Adventures of Watts and Sherlock. More stories followed, with more on the way.