The Adventures of Watts and Sherlock

James Watts, doctor in tune with everyone's emotions but his own, meets Sherlock (no last name, thank you,) private detective with a Sherlock Holmes hyperfixation. Crimes are solved, lives are saved, and everyone in the City knows they're falling for each other, except them.

There are also cyborgs.

The R.X. Problem


After an injury leaves him with a cybernetic leg and no job, Dr. James Watts becomes roommates with a detective named Sherlock, who is trying to emulate his literary namesake to a disturbing degree. Watts is soon whisked along as Sherlock solves cases of theft, blackmail, kidnappings, and murder. Now if only Watts could figure out what possessed him to agree to this.

Of Jackals and Crusaders

The occasional assassination attempt is hardly a concern for the City's most popular detective. From solving murders to stopping gang wars, there's plenty to keep the man called Sherlock, and his companion Dr. Watts, busy. A new criminal empire is being built behind the shadows of the City's underworld, and the person at its head will stop at nothing to see Sherlock destroyed, from the inside out.

Sherlock Returns


Watts is doing the best he can to move on after Sherlock's death, and Sherlock is the last person he expects to see at his door. Coming back to 122 Break Street is the best decision Sherlock's ever made, but with his fame soaring and new enemies eager to see him destroyed, will he be able to face his most important challenge—fixing the friendship he fractured when he left Watts behind?

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